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March 16, 2022 • Community

PROPANE by Parkland Fuel Corporation

When it came time for Parkland Corporation (Parkland, TSX: PKI) to add an alternative fuel to their multi-fuel product mix, propane became an obvious choice. As one of Canada’s best alternative fuel solutions that carries more energy density than natural gas, at a lower price and carbon cost than other conventional fuels, propane simply made sense, not just for Parkland, but also for Canadian industry—to serve businesses and consumers seeking a high performance energy source to fuel their homes and trades.
As the demand for a powerful and environmentally-friendly fuel continues to grow, Parkland responded with an uncompromising focus towards Canadian expansion through like-minded acquisitions and organically-grown evolution.


The starting point of Parkland’s propane journey began a decade ago in the West with the acquisition of Neufeld Petroleum and Propane Ltd. Neufeld’s strong reputation matched the cultural mindset of Parkland to seamlessly bridge relationships with customers while simultaneously adding scale to Parkland’s fuel distribution and trucking fleet. A leading commercial fuel and propane supplier in Western Canada, headquartered in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Neufeld operated in 12 locations across northern Alberta, and northeast British Columbia. Neufeld’s focus was primarily in the distribution of fuel, propane, agricultural inputs and industrial products to commercial customers in its service areas.
Being the provider of choice for customers and suppliers is not an accidental ambition. On the heels of closing Neufeld, Parkland attained Joy Propane to complement its service offering. Headquartered in Dawson Creek, Joy Propane was showing promise in the northern British Columbia and Alberta propane supply business.